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Years of Passion for Fashion


Mercury Textile: A Leading Name in Fashion

Merkür Tekstil is recognized as a leading name in fashion with its innovative designs and quality products. We follow the trends of each season and offer our customers the most up-to-date and stylish options. In addition, we aim to enable our customers to reflect their own unique style, not just follow the trends. We help you make a difference in the fashion world with Merkür Tekstil's unique and special products.

Merkür Tekstil was founded in 1994 as a well-established fashion brand. We have made a name for ourselves in global markets with original and striking designs. We offer products that reflect customers' style and make them feel special. We also prioritize customer satisfaction and maintain our quality. We will be a leader in the future by adapting to the changes in the fashion world.

Merkür Textile collection adapts to every style and body type with different cuts and fits. In addition, our stylish and stylish products aim to offer our customers a unique fashion experience. But beyond the fashion world, we also stand out with the quality and aesthetics we offer.

Merkür Textile, which follows fashion and constantly produces innovative designs, offers products that combine quality and aesthetics. In particular, each of our products is carefully prepared with high quality materials and a perfectionist production process. However, the reflection of this quality and care on customer satisfaction is the most important factor for us.

We invite you to join the Merkür Tekstil family with our understanding of quality fashion. Discover our unique collections and catch the elegance with our products suitable for your style.

Mercury Textile Management Team


As Merkür Tekstil, our mission is to help our customers reflect their style and feel special by offering them quality and unique fashion products. With our innovative designs and high quality production process, we aim to be a pioneer in the fashion world and always exceed the expectations of our customers. By keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level, we aim to maintain our leadership in the sector as the pioneer of fashion. However, in this process, we will continue to offer our customers even more unique and satisfying experiences by prioritizing continuous research and development. In the future, we will continue to earn the trust of our customers and continue to be the mover of fashion forward.


Our vision is to become a globally recognized and preferred fashion brand. By following fashion trends, we want to continue to offer innovative and stylish options to our customers. By focusing on customer satisfaction, we aim to be an inspiring brand in the fashion world. We constantly strive to achieve this and attach great importance to customer feedback. Likewise, we attach importance to research and innovative studies in order to adapt to the changing dynamics of the fashion world and to be a pioneer. In the future, we will continue to shape fashion with products that combine aesthetics and functionality without compromising our quality.

Our Values

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